Telephone Scams and Computers

Telephone Scams

We regularly see people in the shop who have been subject to one of the many telephone scams that are going around. In many cases these people have lost money through making payments to the online scammers or losing their bank details to the scammers and hence funds from their accounts. The first tip to remain safe is NEVER believe the telephone call that you receive. The callers will claim they are from Microsoft, BT, TalkTalk, or any other internet service provider or from a bank HSBC, Santander, Barclays or any other of the banks and even claiming to be Detective Sergeant Smith from the police.

In the first case of say Microsoft or the internet service providers, they will tell you that there is a problem with your computer, or that you have a virus and must get it removed, that it is illegal to have a virus. Or the ones claiming to be from the internet service providers will tell you that they can speed up your internet access if you let them have remote access to your computer. They are very convincing and people shouldn’t be ashamed of being conned.

NO company can tell whether you have a virus on your computer before they phone you. Therefore they are lying, What they want you to do is give them remote access to the computer so that they can supposedly fix the ‘fault’. They generally ask you for payment say £40 maybe more but once they have your card details they will generally clean you out. Additionally what the scammers are after are banking passwords etc and once you have given them remote access they can do what the like. One common technique is to put a key logger on your computer which from then on sends every key stroke you type on your computer keyboard to the hackers.

Advice is if you receive a telephone call from ANYONE claiming there is a problem with your computer just put the telephone down.

If you receive a telephone call from someone claiming to be your bank, put the phone down. If you are concerned ring the banks telephone number on the back of your credit card, do not ring any telephone number that the caller gave you ONLY use this number and tell the bank what has happened.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ideally use a different telephone to call the bank to the one you received the call on or if you only have one telephone wait 30 mins or so and make sure you have a dialing tone before you call the bank. The scammers have scam on the telephone so that when you ring the bank you actually get back through to the scammers, because they never put the handset down at their end when you hung up. Therefore when you pick up the handset again to dial the bank you just get back through to them.

And if you have been unfortunate enough to be scammed and given them remote access then please come and see us and we can advise what you need to do to get your computer clean again.