Cash Weigh

Meglans Cash Weigh  is a revolutionary program designed to speed up the cashing up process at the end of the day or shift for companies handling cash. In tests it saved 15 minutes per till !

We use a standard set of digital kitchen scales circa £25 available from your local hardware store and a plastic jug. We zero the scales with the empty beaker on it and then empty each of the cash trays in the cash drawer of the till into the beaker, weigh the coins enter the weight in the appropriate box on the screen then pour the coins back in to the cash tray and then move on to the next one.

To use the system the £50, £20, £10 and £5 notes are counted as usual and the pounds value for the notes entered in to the appropriate boxes on the form as shown below. The coins are weighed using digital scales with an accuracy of +/- 1g. The weighed value of each denomination is entered in to the appropriate box on the form and the total is calculated automatically, and for a permanent record just press the print button, it’s as simple as that !

Cash Weigh is 100% accurate !

Hilary Carr from Firn’s Home Hardware says :- “This Cash Weigh system saves me so much time. I cash up 3 tills daily in half the time it used to take me. It is very simple to use and eliminates errors.”

Cash Weigh is now configured for the Old and the NEW Pound coins !

To use Cash Weigh now clink on the icon >

Bag It

Bag It is simply a way of weighing the coins before you put them into a plastic bag to take to the bank. The banks want them in bags contains fixed amounts of coins as shown in the table below.


Weight in g

£20 IN £2 COINS






£10 IN 50p COINS


£10 IN 20p COINS


£5 IN SILVER (10p or 5p)


£5 IN BRONZE (2p or 1p)