Business Support

We understand that a lot of small businesses do not have  the internal IT knowledge to design, implement and repair the IT systems that they need. (Quite rightly they concentrate on what they are good at, which is the business they are running.)

We do not have support contracts to tie you in to us, we are available on an ad-hoc basis to use as and when you need us.

We will try to be with you with in 24 hours of you calling us, often the same day response (Monday to Friday).

We provide IT support for a number of small business’s in Cockermouth, Whitehaven, Maryport, Dearham, Wigton, Wasdale and beyond !

We are happy to sit down with you  and discuss your needs and then provide you with  a quotation, whether its new PCs, automatic backups, network storage, a new server or even migrating off your existing server and replacing it with much simpler and cheaper technology.

Why not call us now and discuss your requirements.